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Throughout my diverse training and work environments I have built up an eclectic skills set that can be adapted for supporting many people and their therapeutic needs.  

I have trained in EMDR, CBT, DBT, TFCBT, attachments theory, Polyvagal Theory, Substance use, addictions, trauma and PTSD, bottom up theory, Systemic, IFS, motivational interviewing, mindfulness, and much more.

I do not look at therapy as using specific treatments for specific symptoms.  I look at it as supporting the client with what they may feel is the most supportive or helpful. 

Regardless of technique I work with people on developing a sense of why they do things.  A way to uncover the hidden message of our thoughts, emotions, and actions.  To get to know ourselves better.  Once we are able to look at our life, upbringings, attachments, and important events from a place of better understanding and curiosity.  We can then work on pulling from our strengths, supports and resources in a more helpful way.

We all have parts of us from happy, to angry, worried, sad and loving that is a part in what makes us a person or called the "self".  Although it is usually in an effort to help, sometimes different parts of us take over at the wrong time.  

Our treatment at Parts to Recovery Counseling is to help uncover and be aware of the parts of us.  To get all of our parts to begin to work together towards allowing us to feel whole again.  

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