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The part of you that needs, but does not want?


Robert Dannar, MS, LCMHC, MLADC (in process) supports people with substance addiction, gaming addiction, gambling, pornography and behavioral addictions.

MLADC evaluations and assessments.  A written evaluation will be completed 1 week from the time of the assessment appointment and will include a completed assessment, diagnosis and recommendations. All information will be sent to the requesting party with completed release and consent forms.


What is the stigma of people who are addicts?

Junkies, Addicts, losers, low life, trouble makers, selfish, weak willed, no regard for self or others.


People with addictive problems will tell you that willpower is not enough.  


What are some things people can become addicted to? 


We become addicted to the chemicals our brain releases, not the substance or activity that causes this release. Addiction is a problem of brain functioning and our genetics greatly determine this.


Genetics account for about 50%. People do not have control over genetic risks for being susceptible to addiction. 


However, we are not slaves to our biology. 


People are capable of choosing recovery over addiction. This makes addictive disorders very similar to other diseases and disorders.


Diabetes must regularly check blood sugar levels and count carbohydrates.

Heart disease must choose a healthier diet and an exercise program.


People did not choose to have these health challenges, but they most certainly do choose how to handle them. The same is true for people with addictions.

With the right support, lifestyle changes, and environmental changes people can recover.

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