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-Supporting clients without judgment-

13 years of age I stood in front of my middle school locker in an empty hallway.  Another student that appeared to be late to class came running down the hall carrying his books and paper.  For some reason I thought it would be funny to trip the young student.  Papers went flying and the student looked defeated as he looked up at me from the floor.  In that moment I felt regret and wondered how I could make such an choice. 

Like many, I grew up with many of life's challenges.  I have always had the desire and curiosity to understand thoughts, behaviors and emotions.  I have since become a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor that strives to provide a collaborative, supportive and nurturing environment that allows for education, awareness, growth and healing.

I graduated from New England College in 2006 with a MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and  earned my credential as a Masters Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor.  I have worked in a college setting, was a clinical director of a residential facility for troubled youth, and spent several years in both private practice and community mental health facilities as a family therapist, individual therapist and a addiction counselor.

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