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Busy city mindfulness calming meditation

Take a deep breath, focus on your breath as you feel and visual your body move with each inhale…..and exhale…. If your mind wanders, notice it wander and work to bring it back to your breathe.

Imagine driving down a road.

Notice your thoughts and when they wander just notice them.

Are they slow, fast, racing?

Bring yourself back to the road. Imagine this road is bringing you to the busy city, Be curious about your surroundings and explore as if you were a childlike.

Imagine it going from 1 lane, 2 lanes, 3, lanes, roads winding with exits rapidly being displayed on the signs.

Notice how fast and busy everything is, people hustling around, big buildings filling the sky, lights flashing as you drive, the noise of the city, honking, cars driving, mixed music as cars zoom through.

Imagine you have made it through the busy city and you start to see the roads straighten out. They go from 3 lanes, 2 lanes, 1 lane.

Imagine you can see miles ahead leading to a beach, the woods, the calm place that many people like to relax and unwind.

There are people all around looking for the same thing. Peace, relaxation, slowing things down. Be curious about your surroundings and explore as if you were a childlike.

Notice the waves or the sound of the wind blow through the grass, a cool breeze bringing a soothing coolness as you notice it bring the odor of fresh air.

Now be curious about you and explore your body as if you were childlike. Is there any busy going on like the city, or energy traveling down roads, or a calmness, a heaviness, or peacefulness inside right now? Now that there is no wrong, just what being curious about what is happening right now in this moment.

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