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Counseling for Mental Health in Dover, NH

Robert H. Dannar, MS, LCMHC, MLADC

Services: Welcome


Individual sessions for support with Anxiety, Depression, Gender and Identity, Addiction, Trauma or any Mental Health symptoms


Couples and family sessions for support with Mental Health, relationship stressors, communication enhancement.

MLADC Evauluations

A written evaluation will be completed 1 week from the time of the assessment appointment and will include a completed assessment, diagnosis and recommendations. All information will be sent to the requesting party with completed release and consent forms.



I'm excited that a part of you is curious about ways to get support for whatever life has thrown at you.  This is a puzzling time for most!  There may be a part of us that is anxious, depressed, critical, scared or many other sensations that can take a hold of us.  For years and even decades we have formed our own ways of dealing with things with the tools we had available.  There is help and support for all of us from the world outside of us and from the world within us.  Mental health and addiction are quiet illnesses that we often don't want to share or acknowledge.   You are not alone and you do not have to work with these parts alone.  It can be with the people from Parts to Recovery, support groups, or any type of support, I am glad you have taken the first steps of being curious to a different today.

Image by Ashkan Forouzani

“We are all beautiful and magical puzzles made up of so many tiny pieces and parts. Without just one of them, something would be missing and we would not be whole. It is all of our parts that make us who we are and make life what it is. Each piece is special and beautiful and necessary. Even those we do not yet understand or that bring up challenges for us and in our life. Every single piece fits perfectly.”

Camille Lucy

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